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Morgan Conservatory Open Studio (printmaking)

Address: 1754 East 47th Street

Space Type: To Rent

Size: sq. ft.

Location: Cleveland

Neighborhood: MidTown

Rent: $8 hour

Use: Producing / Studio Space, Gallery Space, Event space

Organization: Morgan Conservatory

Contact: Studio Coordinator

Description: To sign up for the Open Studio:

- A person should have attended a minimum of one Morgan workshop that has taught you the process you will practice during your Open Studio session.

- If you have not taken a class at the Morgan, you must first sign up for a one-on-one primer session with our Studio staff to familiarize yourself with the correct usage of the equipment and studio spaces. (People with prior experience may use the studios upon staff approval.)

- Open Studio sessions must fall within times that the Morgan Conservatory is open. A studio monitor will be present during your session to answer questions, but not to provide assistance.

- The per hour rates MUST include time taken to clean up the studio you are using. If the studio is left unclean, you will be charged a fee of $50. All type set in the print studio must be re-distributed.

- Materials and tools such as proofing paper, inks, PVA, awls etc. are included in our Open Studio rates. Materials like binder’s board, book cloth, handmade paper etc. may be purchased through our store. For full listing of facilities, visit the above link.

More information, schedule and photos available at or call 216.361.9255.

Morgan Conservatory Print Studio