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Sarah Benedict House

Address: 3751 Prospect Avenue

Space Type: To Rent

Size: 250 sq. ft.

Location: Cleveland

Neighborhood: MidTown

Rent: $0 hour

Use: Event space

Organization: Cleveland Restoration Society


Description: The Sarah Benedict House is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and is part of the Upper Prospect Avenue Historic District.

When the Cleveland Restoration Society received the Benedict House, its condition had severely deteriorated to the point that most thought it should be demolished. CRS, with the help of Gaede Serne Architects and the R.W. Clark Company, restored the structure by giving it a new slate roof, cleaning and repairing the masonry and refinishing the interior.

The Library, Green Room, Orange Room, Yellow Room, Foyer, House Interior and Courtyard are available for rental at an hourly rate.

To schedule a tour, or to reserve accommodations, contact: 216-426-1000

Sarah Benedict House

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