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Superior Sound

Address: 2230 SUPERIOR AVE E

Space Type: To Rent

Size: 4000 sq. ft.

Location: Cleveland

Neighborhood: Campus District (Superior Arts)

Rent: $0 hour

Use: Producing / Studio Space, Event space, Audio Recording/Editing, Video Recording/Editing

Organization: Superior Sound

Contact: Randy Chase

Description: The next time you want to book a venue for an event ask yourself, how much do I love music? Superior Sound is your one-stop event venue with 3 different recording studios, Tragic Hero Records label, and Columbus based Substream Magazine. Superior Sound's business manager, Randy Chase,, makes sure that he and his staff are making their customers feel like they are the number one priority. Mr. Chase believes, “This may be a recording artist's only chance to break out and become successful.”

The entrance to the venue has red French doors with a signature blackout arch window, which can display any color you want. The open floor plan and black /white walls provide a blank slate to allow your imagination to go wild, while rocking out loud to music. The kitchen has a large island table, but no stove. The bathrooms are handicap accessible and the building has an elevator next to a loading dock.

The preferred catering and decorating company is A La Carte Services. The open floor plan flows into 3 recording studios of Jim Wirst of Crushtone Studios, Jim Stewart, and Bill DeMarco/Jon Richey of Vuture Studios (Audio/Video). If you look carefully, you will notice that none of the rooms, doors, ceiling, or stage touch one another. Under all the floors are rubber ducts to reduce the sound waves going into each room. Space includes offices which will be occupied and shared by Substream Magazine and Tragic Hero Records. Substream Magazine, who caters to a college-aged, young adult audience and covers music, film and culture, will also be operating out of the new space. For more information call Randy Chase at 216-577-4223 or

Superior Sound