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AsiaTown (in St. Clair-Superior neighborhood)


Location: Cleveland Area

Services:Arts/Culture District, Commercial Space (Storefront/Retail/Etc.), Commercial Space (Studio/Rehearsal/Etc.), Exhibition or Performance Opportunities, Information and Research

Disciplines:Not discipline specific

Organization Type:Nonprofit

QuARTer Arts District is the heart and soul of Cleveland's downtown art community. Through efforts to revive historic industrial buildings through vibrant galleries and artist lofts, QuARTer Arts District is setting a bold new direction for Cleveland's contemporary art scene. With this collective arts network blossoming in St Clair Superior, QuARTer Arts is building a community of dreamers and innovators at the heart of Downtown Cleveland.

About 50 % of the artists living in the neighborhood are visual artists. 13.6 % of the artists are interdisciplinary, 9.10 % are craft artists, 7.6 % are designers, 4.5 % are musicians and 3 % are dancers. A small percentage of the neighborhood is also made up of educational, media, and theater artists.

AsiaTown Cleveland is located just east of downtown from East 30th to East 40th Streets between St. Clair and Payne Avenues. The neighborhood has restaurants that encompass many different cultures and ethnicities from Asia and throughout the world. Chinese restaurants serving dim sum. Bakeries full of Asian delicacies. Vietnamese establishments with steaming hot Pho as their specialty. Markets overflowing with fresh fish and produce. Korean dolsot bi bim bab. If you are in Cleveland looking for authentic Asian food, culture and shopping, look no further than AsiaTown Cleveland. AsiaTown Cleveland is unique in its character. Smokestacks rise behind indoor shopping area carved out of old factories. Steeples rise above shops selling wares from the East. Galleries and live-work lofts coexist on tree-lined streets with modest homes. Unparalleled views of downtown enchant the visitor at every turn.