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Cedar-Lee/Cedar Fairmount

Location: Cleveland Area

Services:Exhibition or Performance Opportunities, Information and Research

Disciplines:Not discipline specific

Organization Type:Nonprofit

Cedar Lee is known for it’s local movie theater, which screens an array of independent, foreign and documentary films, in addition to old-school movies, midnight series and a selection of blockbusters. Cedar Lee is also home to Cain Park, a summer performing arts park, and Dobama Theatre, a theatre focused on premiering the best contemporary plays. And just down the street, Cedar Fairmount is home to Nighttown, a restaurant know as Cleveland’s premier Jazz club.

Based on the 2011 “Putting Artists on the Map”, over 40% of the artists in this area are visual. Following visual artists, the music (13.3%) and literary (11.9%) categories make up 26% of the artists who reside in Cedar-Lee. Following closely behind are interdisciplinary and design artists, each making up 8.10% of artists in Cedar-Lee. Then there are craft artists who make up 6.7%, education artists who make up 3%, media artists who make up 1.5% and theater artists who make up .7% of the artists living in Cedar-Lee.