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Coventry Village


Location: Cleveland Area

Services:Exhibition or Performance Opportunities, Information and Research

Disciplines:Not discipline specific

Organization Type:Nonprofit

Coventry Village is a great place for dinner and entertainment. The Village is home to the Ensemble Theatre, producer of over 150 plays; Houde School of Acting, a school specializing in the Meisner Method; and The Grog Shop, a club that has played host to countless local, national and international touring bands.

According to the 2011 “Putting Artists on the Map”, visual artists make up 41.7% of artists in Coventry Village. 14.8% of artists are musicians, 9.3% are literary, 8.3% are craft, 7.4% are interdisciplinary and 6.9% are design artists. Theater artists make up 3.2% of artists, dancers make up 1.9% of the artists, and education and media artists each make up .90% of artists in Coventry Village.