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On May 1 and 2nd, at Negative Space Gallery in Cleveland, learn from nationally recognized media artist and social activist, Stephanie Bleyer of Six Foot Chipmunk. She'll talk about the nitty gritty of civic engagement and social activist art and artist campaigns. Get personal, one-on-one counsel with a variety of experts on day 2. By the end of the day, you'll feel confident and ready to speak up on behalf of the issues you care about most.

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Artist Spotlight

“Nature is defined as anything that’s in our surrounding environment including rocks, trees, plants, and animals, but excluding humans and human creation. This definition is teaching the next generation something that is actually about a massive separation and fragmentation. I think that needs to be relooked at, redefined and corrected.” - Olga Ziemska 

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Upcoming Events

04/23/14 Arts Advocacy Training: Connecting with Policy Makers

04/23/14 Networking night with the Cleveland Indians

04/23/14 Creativity, Aging and Health

04/10/14 A Killing Game

04/10/14 DanceWorks 2014

04/17/14 The Drowning Girls

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