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Artists can apply for a partial scholarship to attend the October 29-30 Creative Minds in Medicine conference for $95 (value of $225). CEs are available for counselors and psychologists. Registration ends Monday, October 20.

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Artist Spotlight

Though Valerie Mayén did not use a sewing machine until she started to seriously pursue a fashion career at 26, her interest in fashion and design started back in middle school when she started shopping at thrift stores. She would hand-sew patches on items and soon began making her own garments.

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Upcoming Events

10/22/14 How Do We Experience Our World: Expressive Arts for Self-Actualization, Interpersonal Relationships and Social Change

10/23/14 The Neighbor's Grief is Greener

10/24/14 From the Studio to the Street

06/26/14 Free Thursday

09/02/14 Shaker Cures: Natural Medicine in the Valley of God’s Pleasure

09/09/14 HealthTalk

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