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When Artists Break Ground is a review and lessons learned from the creative placemaking collaboration between CPAC and Northeast Shores. The organizations invested $2.2 million in a 3-year period into artist-neighborhood relationships in the Waterloo area in North Shore Collinwood. The report shares how the process worked: its strengths, its shortcomings and third-party recommendations and reflections. A wealth of data supplements the report to illustrate changes in neighborhood residents’ perceptions, traction among audiences and changes to the neighborhood’s landscape.

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Artist Spotlight

“Music is always all around us. Even our organs are making a sound. Your heart is beating. Sometimes your stomach is growling. Even if it’s irregular, the client is already bringing their own instrument to the session just by being there.”

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10/29/14 Creative Minds in Medicine Conference

10/29/14 Creative Minds in Medicine Conference

10/30/14 Tingle Tangle

06/26/14 Free Thursday

09/02/14 Shaker Cures: Natural Medicine in the Valley of God’s Pleasure

09/09/14 HealthTalk

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