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Cuyahoga Arts & Culture (CAC) has announced a planning team to gather public input on the best ways CAC can provide funding and support to artists and creative people in Cuyahoga County. The work of the planning team will begin in June. See who is on the team and click on the fact sheet for details.

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Artist Spotlight

If you’ve seen a show at Cleveland Public Theatre, embarked on a theatric journey with Theater Ninjas, or seen the band Forager lately, you’ve likely encountered the work of Eric M.C. Gonzalez. Classically trained composer and cellist, Gonzalez is capable of transporting his audience to strange realms through unusual sonic experience, explicit narrative and sound design.

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Upcoming Events

07/21/17 Shaker Arts Council presents SHAC on TRAC

07/21/17 A Midsummer Night’s Dream: Four Hands

07/21/17 Finale Concert #3

02/19/17 Drop-In Improv Class with Nathaniel Montgomery

06/09/17 Encore: A Heights Arts Invitational

06/27/17 Cleveland Method Acting Class Registration

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