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Northeast Shores Development Corporation (NSDC) is offering an exciting new program that gives teams of artists and health practitioners an opportunity to propose creative solutions to improving health outcomes in the North Shore Collinwood neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio. The Collinwood 2015 initiative engages stakeholders in thinking about how the arts can improve community health. As a whole, these grassroots projects will help bend the upward trajectories of obesity and other chronic diseases in the neighborhood, while also activating neighborhood greenspaces and getting stakeholders collectively engaged in what otherwise might seem to be an intractable problem.

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Artist Spotlight

In Memory of Virgie Ezelle Patton

Excellence. That’s a perfect word to describe Virgie Ezelle Patton's vision for her artwork. Excellence.

Virgie Ezelle Patton was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, where she discovered a love of art at a young age. When she was only five years old, her school art teacher noticed that her art abilities were beyond those of other children her age, and her mother began encouraging her creative abilities. From that point on and through high school, Patton was in love with creating. She was always chosen to participate in school-wide art projects and contests. And she always won.

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Upcoming Events

04/18/15 Expressive Writing: The Path to Becoming a Better Writer

04/18/15 Poetry Reading: Kathleen Cerveny and Jeanne Marie Beaumont

04/18/15 The True Story of the Three Little Pigs

01/01/14 Artists and the Affordable Care Act Webinar

01/09/15 Flanagan's Wake

01/29/15 Joyce J. Scott: Truths and Visions

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Guide to Developing Your Craft

As you grow and develop as an artist you may find your artistic and professional needs changing. Think about creating a personal resource guide for your work that you may hand-tailor to your specific goals at different times in your career.

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