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Issue 8 on the November ballot is about renewal, not a tax increase. The levy–just a penny-and-a-half per cigarette–supports Cuyahoga County's critical Arts & Culture sector. Volunteers and donations are needed. Learn more at the campaign's website. Visit their event page to find volunteer opportunities.

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Artist Spotlight

“What I want people to know out there is that every idea started somewhere. It’s really through trying and failing over and over again and then one day finally succeeding that you get there. There’s no one answer for everybody and there’s no one thing that people know that you don’t. I’d love people to think that they can make it and that their idea deserves to be seen and heard and that it will be such a great part of their own story.” – Stephanie Sheldon

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Upcoming Events

10/10/15 The Crucible

10/10/15 Felt Vessels

10/10/15 Cleveland East Literature Drop

01/01/14 Artists and the Affordable Care Act Webinar

06/15/15 Adult Summer Dance Week-long Intensive Training

10/06/15 The Amazing Power of Story: Building Oral Storytelling Skills

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Guide to Developing Your Craft

As you grow and develop as an artist you may find your artistic and professional needs changing. Think about creating a personal resource guide for your work that you may hand-tailor to your specific goals at different times in your career.

When do you come up with the best ideas?