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The second event of the Creative Intersections 2016 series, Empowering Youth, is one you don't want to miss if you are at all involved with children, teens and young adults. Nationally Renowned Architect of Hip-Hop Therapy, Tomás Alvarez III, will keynote CPAC Creative Intersections Event, as local poet/educator Daniel Gray-Kontar and columnist Phillip Morris of The Plain Dealer speak out. The first step to a safer Cleveland is giving our children safe alternatives.

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Artist Spotlight

An enormous industrial window pours light into Lauren Herzak-Bauman’s Screw Factory studio, casting shadows over quiet white forms, molds, bagged clay, dusty white tables and chairs. The same alabaster color and translucence found in her installation work, is noticeable in her space. Though it’s her buoyancy that’s striking; asymmetrical hair, infectious laugh; she continuously pops the power button on the teapot (the old building causes the pot to short out before the water will boil). Her lively presence a curious contrast to the labor-intensive, contemplative porcelain installations she creates. 

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Upcoming Events

04/30/16 Mother's Day Parent / Child Ceramics Workshop

04/30/16 Learn How Publishing Works

04/30/16 Station Hope

06/15/15 Adult Summer Dance Week-long Intensive Training

02/24/16 Free Wednesday Tours

03/25/16 "Pushing Paint" by Leslye Arian

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Guide to Developing Your Craft

As you grow and develop as an artist you may find your artistic and professional needs changing. Think about creating a personal resource guide for your work that you may hand-tailor to your specific goals at different times in your career.

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