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Cleveland's visual arts, craft and design industry is making a big impact on the local economy. As a follow up to its last impact study Remix Cleveland, CPAC released a study chock full of numbers and stories of how critical this group is to greater Cleveland's future. Read about neighborhood arts efforts, artist activists, CAN Journal, local designers, start ups and some of the best museums in the country that make up the visual side of Cleveland's arts and culture sector.

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Artist Spotlight

Ever heard of the glossy buckthorn also known as Rhamnus frangula? I hadn’t until researching some of Mimi Kato’s work. 
As an artist-in-residence at SPACES Gallery, Mimi Kato spent the summer of 2013 preparing for her installation at the gallery focusing on the runaway growth of the glossy buckthorn. The glossy buckthorn, or Rhamnus frangula, has been identified by the Ohio Division of Natural Areas and Preserves as one of the 10 most invasive and difficult to control non-native plant species. 

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Upcoming Events

03/04/15 Faculty Recital: The Cavani String Quartet's 30th Anniversary

03/04/15 Ghost the Musical

03/05/15 Twinderella

01/09/15 Flanagan's Wake

01/29/15 Joyce J. Scott: Truths and Visions

01/30/15 Cleveland Bridge Builders - Apply Now

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Room Service

Whether you are looking to begin your own small business or to expand your reach as a creative professional, this guide offers some tools that you can easily implement to achieve those goals and  illustrates some key considerations you should think about when starting your venture. 

Guide to Developing Your Craft

As you grow and develop as an artist you may find your artistic and professional needs changing. Think about creating a personal resource guide for your work that you may hand-tailor to your specific goals at different times in your career.

When do you come up with the best ideas?