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Applications open for 2016 Creative Workforce Fellowships

Artists are contributing their talents to Cuyahoga County every day. They are developing original work, provoking thought, bridging communities and telling our stories. The Creative Workforce Fellowship is investing in these artists. 

In 2016, 40 artists, who live in Cuyahoga County will receive a $15,000 Fellowship.

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Artist Spotlight

I believe you’ve got to have goals. It doesn’t matter if they’re close or far-reaching. You’ve just got to have something to sustain yourself. Something to work towards.
Cornell Calhoun, III is a playwright and actor who was born and raised in Cleveland, and to this day still calls it his home. We sat down with him to talk about his artistic career and how he got to where he is now. Even as a seasoned playwright, having a career that spans five decades, Calhoun continues to grow as an artist. He strives to meet his goals, his three biggest being: 1) to have a play at the Cleveland Play House, 2) to have a play at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago, and 3) to win a Tony so he can stand on TV and say “this Tony is for Cleveland.”

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Upcoming Events

08/01/15 Cleveland Inkubator

08/01/15 King Henry V

08/01/15 Expedition: SPACES!!! A Guided Journey of Words, Sights & Sounds

01/01/14 Artists and the Affordable Care Act Webinar

05/01/15 Creative Workforce Fellowship Application Available

05/22/15 "You May Find Me in the Woods" by Abbey Blake

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Guide to Developing Your Craft

As you grow and develop as an artist you may find your artistic and professional needs changing. Think about creating a personal resource guide for your work that you may hand-tailor to your specific goals at different times in your career.

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